4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freelancer

The internet has connected humanity in a way that no other technology has been capable of. Interactions among people on the internet has vastly impacted how people do business. If COVID-19 taught the world anything, it’s that work can be done remotely, in any part of the world, at any time of the year.

The market of work has evolved with millions of businesses worldwide shifting away from traditional employment and contracting work through talented freelancers who can help get the job done.

Freelancers present an opportunity for employers to rethink they way they do business. This article will discuss 4 reasons why you should consider hiring a freelancer to help grow your business.

1) Freelancers cost less than hiring employees without sacrificing work output.

Traditional full-time employees can be costly for employers with salary costs, benefits, health insurance, paid time-off, and payroll taxes. These are all major costs that eat into the bottom line. In contrast, hiring a freelancer allows your business to eliminate many of these overhead costs by simply contracting the work. Rather than relying on employees who may have a narrow scope of expertise and require breaks, lunches and the occasional calling off work, you can find a freelancer who can have the skills that you require for a specific project with a specified price to do the job. Talented freelancers offer expertise that businesses can tap into with ease. You can hire someone with a fresh perspective. If your business requires a specific skillset for a project, you can identify a freelancer based on the skill. The more experienced a freelancer is, the more value they can bring to your project. The business can benefit from the freelancer’s experience without devoting internal resources or adding a permanent position to your payroll. 

2) Freelancers tend to work fast and give you results right away.

It benefits a freelancer to provide results for a client in a relatively short amount of time. Most freelancer will get additional work by referral from happy clients. Generally, full-time employees are tasked with multiple projects simultaneously. This often slows down projects and causes delays. In contrast, freelancers generally focus on one project at a time or work within shorter timeframes, which results in increased efficiency and faster project completion. Since freelancers are often competing for projects, you can look for those who will give your project the attention and quality your company needs. By successfully completing your project, freelancers build their reputation, expand their portfolio, and increase their chance of future employment or referrals. Freelancers are often used to dealing with project deadlines and may have the schedule flexibility to help you complete your project even at the last minute. 

3) There are many freelancers with many unique skills.

According to freelancing study, 36% of the US workforce is now freelancing in some capacity meaning over a third of the United States could be available to help your business with its unique project requirements. Before hiring a freelancer, you’ll have an opportunity to evaluate their past work portfolio, check out reviews from clients, and interview them to make sure they are the right fit for your specific project. When hiring a full-time employee, companies are usually restricted to the area in which their business operates. By opening the opportunity to freelancers, companies can access a larger talent pool from around the world, which allows companies to find the specific talent, qualifications, and skills they require without settling for the best available person in their immediate area.

4) Hiring a freelancer can build lasting professional connections.

When you hire a full-time employee, you’re now responsible for that individual’s livelihood, and they are expecting to have long-term job security. When you hire a full-time employee, you invest in that individual’s future with the company in a manner that requires longterm committment. This can be costly for you as the employer. Hiring a freelance worker frees you from these costly longterm commitments. As result, you are able to work with many freelancers and choose which freelancers you want to continue working with for your future project needs.

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